Accessible counselling
for everyone.

How we can help

We provide counselling to help you improve:

Who we are

We are a team of apprentice counsellors completing masters degrees in counselling. We believe that counselling carries the capacity to profoundly change health and well-being, and want to share that potential with our community.

The team is supervised by registered counsellors with extensive experience in mental health and wellness. 


We aim to make our services as accessible as possible. If you meet these requirements, you’re eligible for our services.

Be a BC resident

You must be living in during British Columbia, and throughout the counselling process.

Be facing financial barriers

You must be facing financial barriers that prevent you from accessing private counselling elsewhere.

Have a "can-do" attitude

You bring the belief that with hard work and openness to trying new things, positive change is possible.

Have a commitment

You must be willing to commit to all sessions, and to provide ample notice if you're unable to attend.

Session requirements

All our sessions are booked and held online, so you’ll need a few things to work with us.

The process

Step 1

Fill out the application

Fill out the short application below, indicating what you'd like help with

Step 2

Wait for us to get in touch

We'll be in touch when one of our counsellors has an opening.

Step 3

Complete the intake

Our Client Coordinator will set up a phone intake with you to talk more.

Common questions

Nope! You can self-refer to our services, but we will ask for the name of the centre, clinic, or physician who directed you to us.
In some circumstances we can offer family and couples counselling, depending on the availability of our counsellors. At the least, we can help you to work on these concerns individually — this often has great results!

We can help with common concerns affecting happiness and well-being. The clinical names for these problems include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Minor substance use
  • Trauma symptom management
  • Insomnia

We cannot directly help with more intense problems, such as suicidal urges, severe PTSD, “personality disorders,” and other problems where your safety may be at risk. These require more experienced and specialized help than what we offer. However, we can offer referrals for assistance with these.

Unfortunately no. Offering online sessions allows us to keep our costs lower. It also allows us to reach a greater number of people, and to continue to offer services when people move.

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